Specialist in fire, smoke and daylight

Prefire Group

Since its foundation in Barcelona (Spain) in 1997, we have been moved by our visionary, insatiable and vocational spirit that has consolidated PREFIRE as a business group.

Quality & Innovation has been always the engine of the business development of GRUPO PREFIRE, and it is what gives us our own identity in all the business areas that the group develops.

Our evolution

1997. Founding

as an Installation Company specialized in Active Fire Protection.

2002. Consolidation

of Fire Engineering Area.

2008. Creation

of Smoke and Head Exhaust Ventilation SHEV Area.

2008. Implementation

of Fire Compartmentation Solutions.

2010. Establishment of INTISI

as a Manufacturer of Fire and Smoke Compartmentation Systems.

2011. Birth

of Daylighting Area.

Our brands


Engineering, installation and maintenance of fire safety and smoke control systems.

Prefire Lux

Design, installation and maintenance of daylight systems.


Development, manufacture and supplying of fabric systems for fire and smoke compartmentation.

Vision, mission and strategy


To be recognized as a leading Group providing high added value solutions and services for fire safety and daylight


Remain in the forefront of the Fire Safety and Daylight business in order to provide a multidisciplinary and global approach in our areas of expertise.


  • High specialization in specific business areas to can offer a wide knowledge and experience
  • Added value as a premise of development or design

Business model

GRUPO PREFIRE is based on a culture and basic pillars of family business, which implies a high commitment to a responsible business management. This translates into a long-term thinking, with a vision for the future for a solid and sustainable business growth, a trustful and transparent treatment with our clients, suppliers and employees, as well as a respectful coexistence with our environment.

Our talent: people

GRUPO PREFIRE is formed by a cohesive and heterogeneous team whose dedication and enthusiasm make it a long term, profitable and sustainable challenge.

Do you want to be part of our project?

Send us your curriculum vitae to rrhh@prefire.es.



C/ Industria, 30D
Pol. Ind. La Bobila
08320 El Masnou
Barcelona (Spain)